Which is the best stearic acid manufacturer

Which stearic acid manufacturer is good? What is stearic acid? What is the density? The melting point, boiling point, molecular formula and other physical and chemical properties should be mastered by people in this field. Which stearic acid manufacturer is better? In selecting manufacturers, it is necessary to know the qualification certificate, company address, company reputation, and product application cases. About stearic acid, it is necessary to understand its computational chemistry, molecular structure, inspection methods, storage methods, quality standards, product uses, etc. In this case, stearic acid is widely used in cosmetics, plastic cold resistant plasticizers, oil soluble pigments, PVC plastic pipes, rubber industry, etc. Stearic acid is a kind of fatty acid widely existed in nature. Basically, all vegetable oils contain different amounts of stearic acid, which is relatively high in animal fat. For example, the content of stearic acid in yellow cream is 24%, while that in edible oil is less. Camellia oil is 0.8%, edible oil is 6%, but that in cocoa butter is 34%. There are two key manufacturing methods for industrial production of stearic acid: fractionation and pressing. The hardened oil is added with a solvent, and then hydrolyzed to obtain crude fatty acid, which is then washed with water, distilled with steam, and decolorized to obtain the finished product. The other by-product is glycerin. How to select stearic acid manufacturers? For the selection of manufacturers, it is necessary to know the scale and product equipment of the manufacturers. The manufacturers are required to take themselves to the local actual projects for a look, or they can learn about the actual projects in a certain place through other ways for independent consultation and inspection. Most manufacturers have many years of business experience in the industry, and have certain strength in both product and channel support.





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